Susana Romano is a graphics / web designer, digital artist and illustrator.

She devotes herself to the experimentation of techniques, a field from which she had evolved from her creative starts, painting, collage, etc.

She is also passionate about digital art, she had already started collaborating with Arte UNA, the digital artistic portal directed by Anahi Cáceres back in 1996.

Her interest is especially focused on the human figure, approached through different plastic techniques. Throughout her career as an artist, she has made a personal exploration of the behaviors and emotional states of the human being, transforming reality through the manipulation of images to convey her perception of the environment through aesthetic experiences.

She has immersed herself in the field of visual arts, because of the curiosity to express her concerns and the need to look for beauty as a way of expression and personal taste.

Her admiration for painting and surrealism is evident at the time of approaching her creations, in which a clear tendency can be observed to recreate atmospheres and situations distant from the pure reality, characterized by a delicate and poetic graphic style.

In addition to her personal work, she has produced numerous web designs for plastic artists, musicians, dancers and theater companies.


  • 2023 Contraventions Shiw – Mia Curatorial Voice, Miami Florida
  • 2023 – Pier 36 - NartDealer– New York
  • 2019 Affordable Art Fair New York - Nazli Kalayci Art Dealer –
  • 2019 One Self – ChaShaMa Gallery, New York
  • 2019 Orbits – Curators Voice, Miami Florida
  • 2019 One Self – ChaShaMa Gallery, New York
  • 2019 Affordable Art Fair New York 2019 – See Me
  • 2019 Salón de la FEDERACIÓN DE COMERCIO E INDUSTRIA de la Ciudad de Bs As
  • 2018 Banco Ciudad, Homenaje a Alicia Carletti.
  • 2018 Registro Civil de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
  • 2018 Fiestas Patronales , muestra colectiva Madre de los Emigrantes.
  • 2017 Noche de los Museos Taller Pinzón.
  • 2017 Mulares Iglesia Santa Felicitas, CABA.
  • 2016 Carilo Arte Contemporaneo - Galeria de Arte.
  • 2015 Noche de los Museos Taller Pinzón.
  • 2014 Sophy Espacio de Arte Palermo , CABA.
  • 2014 Presentacion de la obra Virgen, en La Iglesia del Socorro.
  • 2013 Muestra Individual en La Casa , Centro Cultural Palermo , CABA.
  • 1999 "Muestra la infancia", Galería Alicia Brandy
  • 1999 "II Salón de Pintura Figurativa 99", Galería Loft"
  • 99.
  • 1998 "XII Muestra integrada de Arte del Círculo de Bellas Artes".Sindicato Arg. de Televisión.
  • 1997 "Iº Muestra de Arte Electrónico",Videoteca Municipal de la Secretaría de Cultura y Educación, Teatro Mateo Booz
  • 1996 H.Camara de Diputados de la Nación XIII Exposición Integrado de Arte del Circulo de Bellas Artes.
  • 1998 Arte realidad, Galería de Arte, España
  • 1999 "Mención Especial a la técnica Experimental" en el IIº Salón de Pintura Figurativa 99 "Color Luz IV" en la Galería de Exposiciones Loft.

Artist Statement

It makes me happy to paint. First of all, I am that: a painter.

Brushes and oil paintings, digital art, collage and illustration, are my tools of expression and experimentation.

I grew drawing as if it were a game. The playful universe allowed me to laugh, repeat, process and transform.

I went through workshops of the most important painters of Argentina, who made me trust the brush, as an extension of my body, and my paintings, as an intimate and not so intimate journal of my life.

Anahi Caceres taught me the first concepts of digital art. One year later I won the prize for experimental technique at the Loft Gallery in Argentina.

Creating is an act of releasing emotions, an emotional liberation work that fascinates me. Observation inspires me. The search for images is the starting point to establish a series of relationships and ideas that generate a set of emotions that build my work. Then comes the observation of the other. Is that in the final process is the one who looks who gives meaning and completes the work.

My works are created on a computer in some cases with manual interventions. It uses aspects of photographic realism and surrealism to explore the human condition that results in a "mixture of fantasy and abstract symbolism"